‘Twas The Night Before Mat Leave Ended 

And all through the house, no creatures were stirring not even a…

Scrap that! Of course creatures are stirring. We have an 11 month old in the house.

An 11 month old that has just flung macaroni cheese up Mummy’s freshly washed and ironed outfit ready for her first day back at work.

More fool her for leaving it in the living room!

I’ll start with an introduction. My name is Alex. I’ve spent the last 11 months being a SAHM to an incredible, but boisterous little boy (who’ll now be referred to as BB).

My days have gone from commuting in to central london to manage a team of account managers to cleaning up all kinds of bodily fluids and running around to mummy groups (I’ll get on to those later).

But, the most incredible year of my life has come to an end. Tomorrow, I’ll be up at the crack of dawn, ferrying BB to grandparents, trying to avoid any bodily fluids, keeping my make up and hair in tact, hopping on a tube and heading back in to the world of work.

This ladies and gentlemen, is The Mummy Hustle

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