Work work work work work

That’s it. It’s done. 12 hours after leaving the house this morning and I’m sitting down with a green tea while the Mr puts BB to bed.

As I look back, it’s been a good day, but the thoughts that filled my head last night as I sat on the sofa crying and begging Mr for a glass of wine to dull the pain would tell a different story.

I knew the day would start early, and I set a 6am alarm for the first time in 13 months. Hahahaha I didn’t need it. And it wasn’t the baby that kept me up (according to my mother in law, I’m the mother that you love to hate – BB sleeps from 7-7), no no no, it was the fact that my brain didn’t shut down last night and I was awake on the hour every hour from midnight.

Actually, I think the problem was I was petrified of sleeping through my alarm!

So, we are hoping to do a whole post on morning routines at some point but to give you some idea of how I’d planned the day….

  • 6am wake up
  • Transport baby to our bed with Mr
  • Go downstairs, flip kettle on and make bottle
  • Bring bottle upstairs for dream feed and let the baby snooze with Mr
  • Get dressed in pitch black in the bathroom and praying my huge backside doesn’t knock the deodorant in to the bath
  • Pop the TV on and start putting my face on whilst sipping a scalding cup of tea
  • Run back upstairs, with jacket on and have slip on shoes ready at the bottom of the stairs
  • Bring baby down and transport to car
  • Drive!!!!!

This is me and BB at 6:58am, naturally he woke up being buckled in!

BB will be splitting his time between grandparents and nursery, today he was with my parents – this eliminated a step in the morning routine because he could go in pyjamas.

Drop off and handover went perfectly well, he was happy to see his Grandma and Grandad, not so happy with the dog trying to get all up in his grill. His new phrase is “err yuck” when the dog comes close enough.

Erratic dash out the door, trying not to cry my immaculately applied make up and off to the tube.

That’s it. It’s done. My first drop off is done. He was happy. He waved me bye bye, he gave me a kiss. He. Was. Happy.

Me on the other hand? Have you ever experienced the Central Line at rush hour? If you haven’t. Don’t. It’s not worth it. You’ll be scarred for life – and not just by the button marks left on your cheek as you’re rammed in as close as possible to the person next to you. It’s just not pleasant. But a weight was lifted, I had done it. He. Was. Happy! I hadn’t even got to work before I’d been sent a video of him having a boogie to the Go Jetters theme tune.

Today made me remember why I love London and bought the buzz back of going to work.

This is my view from the station to work. Excuse the dodgy camera work, I was trying to take a photo without desperately looking like a tourist…

I won’t lie. Walking in to work after a year off felt like being the new girl again. Half my team has changed since I’ve been off and I feel like I’m starting from scratch.

And I was chucked in at the deep end. Meeting at 9:30, catch up at 10:30, group session at 11, lunch, check phone and beg for photos and videos of BB, catch up at 2, conference call at 2:30, team meeting at 3:30. Let’s just say my feet haven’t touched the ground today.

But, I did it. And, most importantly He. Was. Happy.

The Mummy Hustle is real.


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