Valentines Schmalentines

6 years down the line and Valentine’s Day has almost faded in to obscurity. Almost. Don’t get me wrong, if Mr forgot that it was Valentine’s Day, I may unleash my wrath upon him.

Kindly, because I’m at work from today until Thursday, MIL has BB over night bowchickawowow….. or not.

This is how the conversation went, given that both of us are on a bit of a weight loss mission so a big, calorie laden meal isn’t really on the cards –

Me – you know your mum has BB on V Day right?

Mr – oh really? That’s nice.

That was the extent of our romance planning. We get Gousto deliveries (more on that later) and if we don’t eat one of the meals then it’ll go off so we might as well have it tonight.

On the whole, Valentine’s haven’t been as uneventful as they are this year. But they do usually just contain a takeaway and a night on the sofa.

The lovely Timehop reminded me of what happened last year. I was 39 weeks pregnant and generally feeling the least sexy I have ever felt but we made the most of it….

The prediction was true. The next Sunday I was strapped to a hospital bed being induced.

I’ve decided that despite the romance fading a little, no more impromptu trips away, no more days lounging in bed, no more bottles of champagne while Mr cooks dinner, the love has grown ten fold.

We spend hours in bed at night talking about our day in whispers, trying not to wake the baby sleeping across the landing who would sleep through a hurricane. There is a mutual agreement that in any time we spend together, we are the three most important people in each other’s lives.

So while I won’t be posting pictures of pandora boxes and Michael Kors handbags (#blessed 👎🏼), I will be going to work with a smile on my face knowing that I’m coming home to my wonderful husband – and an evening where I don’t have to watch In The Night Garden or read the Snail Story 10 times.

Tonight, we are just Me & Mr. Like the old days.

BTW, this isn’t a present for BB, but he did enjoy opening his Daddy’s presents.

  • Socks
  • An ice scraper
  • Oreos

Have a lovely day!


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