Back In Time For Dinner – Gousto 

There’s something really comforting about coming home from work and knowing that you don’t have to rush to the supermarket on the way home to grab something quick to bung in the oven. 

Instead, I know I’ve got a bag of goodies waiting for me at home to choose from. Well, not a bag because my food arrives in a box. Ingredients for 4 meals perfectly packaged and portioned out. 

Best thing? The box makes an awesome toy for BB! Please ignore the mess – it was laundry day! But we’re all human here….

It took a while for me to try Gousto. I knew a few people who used various different recipe delivery services, but after shopping around and looking at the different menus available we decided to go for Gousto. The selection was fantastic and I liked that you actually had a choice (I’m quite a fussy eater – no mushrooms, no shellfish or fish etc) over what you ordered.

This is our fourth or fifth box and we’ve had 1 dud meal out of 20. Mr and I are foodies and both love to cook, but I hate meal planning! Then add the shopping to that and I know I’m always guaranteed to miss one ingredient off my list – usually a really vital one as well!

With Gousto, I just log in to my app on a Monday and choose my recipes for next weeks delivery. Knowing that that’s all the planning I have to do, apart from choosing which meal out of 4 to have that night.

Mr and I are also doing Weight Watchers at the moment and whilst the meal choices aren’t particularly low points wise, they do provide all of the nutritional information before you choose your recipes so I can make good choices.

So, given that this week I’m in work for three days, the delivery service has been so handy this week. 

Tonight’s dinner was Smoky Chicken Skewers.

Mr and I are huge fans of Mexican food and this appealed immediately. 

When you receive your first delivery, you get a nifty little ring binder to store your recipes in and add your selection each week. There is also an app where you can use the step by step guide for each recipe, I actually prefer using the app for cooking because I have a tendency to skip ahead and miss steps. The app does a step at a time rather than skimming through a recipe and remembering words that jump out at you.

These are the ingredients for today’s dinner. The meats come in a vacuum packed bag so have a pretty good shelf life and everything is packaged in to exactly the serving size required for the recipe which I love. It means the flavours are perfectly balanced instead of over measuring a teaspoon of something.

The recipe card said it should take 35 minutes but I was closer to 45. Mainly because I totally forgot to turn the oven on for the potatoes so had to wait for that.

The recipes are really easy to follow and is full of handy cooking tips, like cooking onion in its skin makes it cook quicker and how to finish off pan fried chicken with steam to help it cook through and leave it moist.

My finished result was pretty stunning to look at and tasted incredible.

The chicken was perfectly cooked and moist with a lovely smoky flavour from the paprika. The potatoes cooked really well in a short space of time, I used Frylight spray instead of vegetable oil like suggested so they went as crisp as they could have been.

A warm salsa really added a different dimension to the meal and the coriander tasted really fresh.

But my favourite part (and Mr’s) was the chipotle mayo. We are both obsessed with chipotle and luckily Gousto recipes seem to always have plenty of chipotle options to choose from.

Over all, I’m really pleased we’ve decided to start using this for our evening meals. 

  • We’ve massively cut down on waste
  • Different food each week instead of my usual recycled meal plans
  • Quick and tasty

But there are definitely a few things I’d change.

  • More choice of lower calorie options that aren’t fish
  • Be able to choose a delivery slot rather than an open 8am-7pm delivery time.

I think this is something we will keep up for a while, even ultra cynical Mr has been happy with everything that’s been cooked – we share cooking depending on who is doing bed time – and is really enjoying the different food selections.

Bravo Gousto for helping a busy mum look forward to getting home and cooking dinner!


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