Morning “Non Zombie” Make Up

No one warns you when you have a baby that baby = bags.

Changing bags, nappy bags, bags of frozen breast milk, more shopping bags, but most importantly – eye bags!

And when you’re on maternity leave, for most people, putting on make up becomes pretty low on the priority list. Once you’ve fed the baby, burped the baby, changed the baby, dressed the baby, changed the baby again etc, you barely have time to brush your hair on a daily basis – let alone whack on a full face of slap. But let’s face it, no one is really expecting you to.

Some days, everything fits in to place. Others, it just goes to pot.

But returning to work for me, has meant that for the first time in a year I’ve really had to make my appearance a priority. While my office has no dress code it is expected that you look tidy and presentable.

This is where my “non zombie” saviours have come in to play.

1 – NYX pore filler primer 

A primer is always important. As Mr says “is that the stuff that makes your make up stick to your face?”. Well, that’s pretty much the best way to describe it. As someone who uses the central line (where the temperature is literally two degrees cooler than the depths of hell) if you don’t have a primer on, you can feel your make up slide down your face as the doors open. Primer is a MUST! I swap and change between Sleek Control and Shine Primer and this one from NYX. The Sleek primer is incredible. This also means it’s pretty much always sold out when I desperately need more. I’ve tried making sure I buy two at a time but it doesn’t help the fact that I leave it to the last second to replace.

Both primers are pretty much the same so I’m happy to alternate. They have a great smooth texture which really does cling to make up. Maybe the clue is in the name, but the Sleek primer tends to keep me less shiny through the day, although it’s nothing a tiny blot can’t fix.

2 – Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in Natural Tan

I’m a recent convert to Bobbi Brown and changed over to them when I decided I’d like a more premium selection of make up. The lady at the counter in House Of Fraser did the hard sell and I came out £200 lighter, but out of all the products, the foundation is the only one that I use religiously. Nearly a year later, the highlighter shimmer block still sits hardly touched in my make up bag.

My Christmas present this year was a set of Artis brushes which I am in love with. The foundation stick means I can just cover my face using the stick and then the brushes to blend. Rather than other foundations where I need to apply with one brush or sponge and blend with another.

Bobbi Brown really appeals to me because of the amazing spectrum of colours offered. I’ve got olive skin with very yellow undertones and this is by far the only make up brand I’ve ever used that matches my skin perfectly.

The coverage is fairly light, but buildable and I very rarely have to use concealer after using the foundation apart from my under eyes. The product goes on smoothly and is very creamy but easily blendable without being tacky to the touch.

3 – NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer

I’m a recent convert to this concealer and it’s by far the best thing I’ve ever used on my under eyes. Great coverage, a tiny blob goes a long way. It doesn’t collect in any creases and has a slight glimmer to it without being too bling bling for day time.

This is the working mum’s saviour. No exaggeration, since I’ve been wearing it, the amount of people in the office who have exclaimed “Wow! You look really well!” Is pretty high. It has really opened up my eyes and deceived me in to thinking I look wide awake.

4 – Sephora Glitter Guard

Reluctant to mention this, because we don’t have Sephora in the UK (I know, it’s devastating. It seems to be everywhere else but why not here?!), but they will ship here. I picked this up in Rome while on honeymoon and it’s been the top of my list if anyone goes abroad and asks me if I need them to pick anything up for me.

Don’t let the name put you off. It’s an eye primer designed to cling to glitter eye shadow, which is great for a night out but not so great for day time in the office. But, there is a touch of glimmer in the primer, as well as a touch of colour which I’ve found has been great for adding some brightness to my eyes without adding colour.

So that’s it. My non zombie routine. Lots of other make up goes in to my daily routine (mascara, defining, brows) etc, but those are my daily go to’s to make me look less like a sleep deprived maniac!


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