Sto lat sto lat…

This week marks 1 year since my little munchuk (moon-chook) arrived.  Happy birthday (sto lat) my beautiful boy.  I love you more than I even realised I could love anyone.

So guys I’m back, apologies for my radio silence, it has been a busy week filled with party preps and family fun times. 

Munchuk has been in his element!  Loving the attention and rightly so! He clearly knows it’s all about him this week!

To be honest the business of the week just gone has been a blessing, it has barely given me a moment to think on what is to come this week, which is day one of nursery settling. 

Ok…if I’m being totally honest I don’t think it has escaped me…the result of this anxiety has channeled in other subconsious ways….I CAN’T STOP EATING!  

I know you’re thinking, when does she have time to eat looking after munchuk?

You’d be surprised how easy it is to eat that chocolate bar!  

It’s so frustrating cause here I am planning my return to work and what I should be doing is getting in as many green smoothies as I can, so that on day one walking into the office everyone goes ‘wow, you don’t look like you’ve had a baby at all!’ 

Sadly not….’thunder thighs are go!’  If any of you have any tips on how to control that action of comfort eat, let me know!  Advice very welcome!

I have thought of one way I can fight my chocolate binge (not sure how to stop the hand to mouth action!). I’ve decided to combat by actually starting to use the gym membership I’ve had since September!  Shocking I know, but it’s common isn’t it?That gym membership sits there unused for so many of us. 

But no more! When I do get to the stage when I have to leave him there for a couple of hours at a time I’m going to get my behind over to those machines and pump that iron!  I’ll hopefully kill 2 birds with one stone…firstly and most importantly keep myself from over thinking…is he ok? is he making friends? is he missing me? can the nursery staff comfort him? is he eating? is he getting the naps he needs?…the list goes on and secondly and more practically…fight the fat! 😉 Wish me luck, I’ll let you know how it goes.




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