This is the week that was….

Hi all, Alex here!!

This is the week that just seemed to encompass every single emotion that any human possesses. It was a roller coaster of emotions, ranging from being absolutely devastated to full on elation.

It’s Friday night and I am absolutely exhausted. Mentally and physically drained. But what an incredible week it was.

In case I didn’t mention, BB’s First birthday was this Wednesday! He and M were born a day apart so we’ve had double celebrations this week.

We kicked off the weekend in style, BB had his birthday party. When Mr and I chose a venue, we decided that whilst this party was a celebration of BB’s first year on Earth – it was also a celebration of the fact that we haven’t murdered each other or got divorced. Which meant we went for a party in a pub….we also don’t actually know many children.

Despite the craziness of setting up a party (why oh why does it feel like work doesn’t just double when you have a baby, it triples!!?!?!)

This is how set up went –

  • Trying to put rollers in my hair
  • Dressing BB & packing his bag
  • Pack the car with decorations
  • Get dropped off at venue
  • Mr nips to inlaws to make sure baby gets a nap so he’s in a good mood for his party
  • Decorate a room
  •  Leave my parents setting up because I’m running behind
  • Run back to inlaws to apply face
  • BB wakes up, I’m still mid face
  • Party is after his lunch time so he gets a sandwich
  • Mummy opens Champagne
  • Finish face
  • Get BB dressed in to party outfit
  • Run back to venue so we aren’t the last people to arrive

So yes, it was stressful but there is absolutely nothing like walking in to a room full of friends and family who have made this last year bearable. Without them I’m not sure what I would have done. Nothing can prepare you for the first year of Motherhood and I cannot thank everyone in that room enough for their support.

The day was incredible and BB had a great time, he was passed from pillar to post, smothered with kisses and posing up a storm (to quote the Daily Mail) for the countless photographs taken (of which I took none!!).

BB’s party was held at a beautiful venue in Wanstead called The Manor House, which meant a lot to me because I’ve lost count of the amount of mornings and afternoons spent in here with other Mummy friends drinking prosecco coffee and eating lunch. It was a central meeting place for a lot of the friends I met at NCT (and it has hundreds of highchairs!).

Needless to say, despite being stressed with the planning, and obviously the worry that people might not even turn up I was so happy we did it. But that meant it just prolonged the inevitable – I was 4 days away from being the Mum of a ONE YEAR OLD!

img_0589    Bar ready for action


Balloon bunches – BB’s new obsession

Table ready for the buffet….

The Big Day Itself!

I mentioned earlier in the post that this week had been emotional, but nothing could prepare me for the sadness I felt on Tuesday night when I put BB to bed. His last night as a baby. The next day he would turn one. I wouldn’t have a baby any more, I’d have a real toddler. 365 days previously, I had been in the middle of a hellish induction, cursing the day I ever thought a baby would be a good idea.

And here I was now…putting my beautiful baby to bed and patting myself on the back for surviving. For working it out. The cliches are true, every baby is different, no babies come with a manual…and…most importantly….you will get through it.

The days eventually stop blurring in to one. You finally find yourself being able to shower for more than 30 seconds (and possibly even wash your hair). While your laundry pile gets bigger, you’ve now found a system that enables you to restock the wardrobe while your baby sleeps and you don’t wake them. You discover what keeps your baby entertained long enough to cook something wholesome and feeling like you’ve got this down!! You will get to the point where you’ll start apologising for posting endless streams of photos on Facebook. Life with a baby becomes just that – life. A very random, unpredictable, noisy and sometimes smelly life. But life.

The morning began with a lie in and all of a sudden, a little voice shouts “mama dada” and that’s it. He’s awake – and he’s one. A quick rendition of Happy Birthday (met with quizzical looks) and it’s time to start the day. I’ve found that since I’ve had BB it’s been really important for me to begin what I hope will turn in to traditions. And for some reason, I’ve decided that any day of celebration needs to begin with pancakes.So that’s what BB’s birthday breakfast was. Stomachs filled and all dressed we head to an amazing city farm in East London called Mudchute Farm & Park.

Now, like most children of his age, BB is obsessed with really in to animals. But particularly Ducks. Which isn’t great for me because I have a very real phobia of birds. I’m slowly overcoming my fear. Mainly since my son has a nasty habit of creeping up behind me and shouting “QUACK!!!” very loudly in to my ear.

This was the first time BB had seen any animals outside of regular domesticated cats and dogs. The way he reacted to the farm animals made us very grateful that we didn’t take him to the zoo. Let’s just say, I’m happy with him trying to climb in to a Goat enclosure. Not sure I’d be quite so happy trying to convince him that climbing in to a Lion’s enclosure wasn’t a good idea. He had a smile on his face from the second we walked in and spent the whole journey home quacking.

Mr trying to contain BB from going for a swim with the ducks (also interchangeable with stopping BB from jumping on a Donkey/offering his socks to a Goat)

Obligatory birthday selfie

Just look at that smile!!

We rounded off the day with BB’s grandparents and uncles singing Happy Birthday, eating lasagne, inhaling chocolate cake and generally looking back on the fuzz that was the last 365 days.

The beautiful, unpredictable, crazy, noisy, sleep deprived year that was.

Happy Birthday BB x

ps – just to throw an extra dimension in to a crazy week, BB started settling at nursery this week, but that’s a post for a different day!

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