Blink and you’ll miss it

It’s been a full month since I started back at work full time and I’m finally getting in to the swing of things.

But, one of the things most working mum’s dread about going back to work is missing milestones. 

They’re important. They show that our children are developing properly and it’s such an amazing thing to watch. The little human that you created is doing these amazing things.

I don’t want to miss them, but it’s inevitable. Recently BB has experimented with a few wobbly steps. He’s been standing up on his own and doing a little boogie for a while but not quite walking. According to grandparents there has been a few steps here and there but nothing I’ve seen.

Excuse the blurry photo, this was BB dancing excitedly because he had a cracker….

Walking through the door of nursery on Monday and we had a chat to the room staff as usual. When one asks “is he taking steps at home yet?”. My face must have said it all but I responded “I’m guessing that means he’s taken steps here?”.

The lady was torn. I could tell she wanted to tell me because she was so proud of him doing it. But she also was worried I’d be disappointed that I had missed the first steps.

In my head I’d already rationalised it. Given that he’d done it at his grandparents house, I knew I’d already missed them. And it was fine.

I reassured her that I was happy he felt confident enough to do them there and she was relieved I wasn’t upset. I’m amazed. I want him to walk. And as he gets older I’m going to miss things. I probably won’t be the person he writes his name for first. I wasn’t there when he cut his first tooth. I wasn’t there when he properly used a spoon for the first time. 

The staff are so happy with his progress while there, I’m actually happy that they got to share something like his first steps with him.

It was a beautiful sunny day in London on Monday, and I’d managed to pick him up early so we detoured to our local play park after nursery pick up. 

It was like he’d read my mind. I popped him down on the floor so he could explore something and he crawled away lightning quick with Mummy on his tail. All of a sudden, he stood up and ran. He ran left. He stopped, he turned and he ran the other way. 

I cried. In the middle of a hectic play park in East London, I took one look at Mr gazing in at BB in wonderment and cried. 

I didn’t miss it after all. I might not have seen his very first steps but I saw him in the moment with the most beautiful look on his face when he turned to me as if to say “look mum, I can really do it now!”.

And that’s enough for me.


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