We love the sun! 

This year feels like winter has been spectacularly long. Just as a bright day comes along, the rain clouds come over and the rain begins.

But, and I may be counting my chickens, it has been sunny for more than 3 days in a row in London now. And, unlike tradition, it’s due to be sunny over a bank holiday weekend – but no one is saying that out loud in case we jinx it.

So let’s say hello to spending time with friends, to lazy evenings in the garden, to being able to go to the park after work with our children!

We spent yesterday in Wanstead Park. Being able to spend time in acres of open park land basically on our doorstep made us feel really lucky. It’s hard to remember that not all of london is just the monotony of the rat race or the busy-ness of central london. 

BB is now walking with a lot of confidence and so we loaded our buggy up with a picnic and a ball and headed to the park. He absolutely loves being outside, he will stand at the back door waiting to be let out and will spend hours rolling around in the grass.

And this trip coincided with BB’s favourite things – DUCKS! No way was he staying on the picnic blanket when there were ducks to run after.

This is definitely my favourite time of the year. Everyone has a smile on their face and people just seem more relaxed. 

I was extremely jealous leaving BB at nursery this morning knowing that he was going to be able to spend the day running around in the sunshine, so when we picked him up from nursery this evening we spent some time at our local play park letting off some steam.

We really do love the sunshine!


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