A Day Out to Diggerland

We have been trying our hardest to make the last few weeks of my pregnancy very Mini focused and had been searching high and low for a day out with him that we knew he’d love.

  • The normal considerations came up, Legoland, Peppa Pig World, CBeebies land, Thomas Land, Chessington…you get the drift. Unfortunately my SPD made things a little more limited and we had a list of requirements
    • Not too far away
      Not too many queues
      Not too big
      Something for everyone

    And Diggerland hit the brief for us massively! From our house, the Kent location was around 45 minutes drive away.

    Obviously you can’t necessarily guarantee a lack of queues, but we knew here would be quieter than the big parks and we’d been waiting until Mini was over 1m tall before visiting so he could go on pretty much everything.

    As a disclaimer, Mini is construction mad. Crazy. Anything to do with construction vehicles or tractors and he generally loses his mind so we knew this would be a hit, as opposed to long queues for rides he may not actually want to go on. We learnt the hard way after visiting Southend earlier this summer that Mini doesn’t like thrill rides. If it’s bumpy, spins, or goes up and down – it’s not for him! Which is polar opposite to the child riding rollercoasters at Paultons Park last year!

    We arrived at the park around half an hour after opening and we were pleasantly surprised. The park was quiet, there were minimal queues for admission and we basically walked straight in.

    Mini was a little overwhelmed, so our first stop was the Spindizzy, which Daddy H kindly volunteered to ride to show Mini nothing was too scary.

    You can see quite clearly from the picture how quiet it was. As time moved on, the park got a lot busier.

    While Daddy H was on the ride, it gave Mini an opportunity to take in his surroundings and he was off, he was ready to hit the machines!

    Lots of the rides require you to be 80cm to get on to the ride, and suggest that those under 1m go on with an adult and Mini chose to ride with Daddy H on pretty much everything. There was no way I was fitting in those cabs with my 35 week bump and Mini on top of me!!!

    The great thing about all the “skills” based activities is that they don’t seem to have a time limit. I can imagine this changes depending on how busy the park is, but, for example the last two pictures posted above you took as long as you needed to scoop the bricks and hook the ducks.

    This can make the queues a little unpredictable, but we didn’t wait much more than a few minutes each time.

    We wandered around a bit, trying to find the next thing with the shortest queue when Mini declared he was hungry so we took a detour to The Dig Inn for a lunch time pit stop.

    Because we got in just before lunch time, the wait was quick and the food choices were actually a lot better than most theme parks we’ve visited from a variety perspective but it’s very much cafe food. Mini had burger and chips, I had a hotdog and Daddy H had a fry up.

    I’d actually say the only extortionate part of the day was the price of the soft drinks. Daddy H nearly choked when he was asked for £2.80 for a can of fizzy. And so did I when he told me!

    The weather wasn’t due to be great, and we weren’t sure if we’d end up having to snuggle up under a tree if it’d rained. If the weather had been guaranteed, we’d have definitely bought a picnic.

    There were plenty of places to stop and eat and lots of seating available all over the park – extremely handy for me to rest while the boys were on rides since I really couldn’t go on anything.

    When we ventured back out after lunch, the park had definitely got a lot busier but we managed to get on the majority of things again with no more than 5 minutes wait.

    This included a Jeep safari (that Mini got to drive on his own – not particularly successfully)

    The X Tractor was a popular one because I got to ride with the boys and Mini loved showing me his driving skills.

    This was followed by two goes on the Go-Kart’s which were a firm favourite with both Mini and Daddy H.

    There was also a spin around a track driving dumper trucks which was a real hit!

    By this point, Mini was knackered. We tried the day without a buggy since we are trying to wean him out of it, and he wouldn’t have napped in the park anyway because there was so much to see.

    We took a trip down to the train which took us around the park and gave us a chance to see queue times and see if there was anything we’d missed. Mini was adamant he didn’t want to go on anything else, but he was tempted on to the excavators which he thoroughly enjoyed.

    All in all, we had a fantastic few hours at Diggerland and we will certainly be back, especially as Mini gets older and he wants to go on more of the actual rides. Not just driving vehicles.

    The marshals on all the rides and the staff in and around the parking were fantastic, really friendly and patient and helpful.

    We spent around four hours in the park today, and that was on a quiet day so I can imagine it’d definitely fill a whole day if you went when it was busy and went on absolutely everything.

    There are four different Diggerland branches in the UK –

    • Kent
    • Devon
    • Durham
    • Yorkshire

    If you have a digger mad little one, it is well worth a visit!

    Mummy H

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