Expanding From One to Two

It’s official, the Hustle House has grown from one child, to two children.

On the 29th September 2019, our littlest Mini burst in to the world (after officially listed as a 40 minute labour – I’m still in two minds as to whether to blog my birth story to be honest) and life hasn’t been the same since.

I went through so many thoughts during my pregnancy, thoughts that I know are very normal for second time around Mum’s. Mainly, but not limited to –

  • Will I be able to do this – spoiler alert – yes, you will
  • Can I balance two? – spoiler alert – yes, you’ll need to!
  • Will my first child feel left out? Possibly, but there is so much you can do to help the transition
  • Will I love my second child as much? Honestly, this varies from mother to mother. Personally for me, I felt like instead of fitting my second in to my heart, I grew a whole new one

Don’t get me wrong, life has changed. And I spent so long preparing Byron for the expansion, that I didn’t really prepare myself (or get the house ready for number two).

Byron has been the centre of our universe for over three years now. He’s also the only grandchild and one of the few small children in the family so we knew there may be a struggle but we were not expecting him to be so in love with his baby brother.

Before number two was born, we spent a lot of time discussing a baby arriving, the fact that people will visit the house and mummy and daddy being busy with the new baby, but the message always remained – never too busy for Byron. I’d like to think we’ve stuck with that. Don’t get me wrong though, there have been snappy moments. And Byron has probably spent more time in front of screens than I’d have liked while we try and adjust – not that he’s complaining!

I’ve learnt that everything they say about second children being dragged up is absolutely true, well, at least for us anyway. Number 2 doesn’t have too much of a routine as we don’t have the opportunity to fit everything around a baby, as we already have to fit around Byron.

I’ve learnt that parenting two children is all about balance. And compromise. And consequence. For example, we took the boys out and Eden needed feeding. As soon as the bottle entered his mouth, Byron announced he needed a pooh. Thankfully, I had Michael with me that day so he could take Byron, but if I hadn’t, I’d have had to weigh up what to do. Yes, Eden would have cried because he was hungry but a cry was a lot less offensive an option than Byron doing a pooh in his trousers.

Eden gets taken everywhere, because we still have stuff to do. Day one out of hospital and nursery runs were happening, laundry still needed doing, beds needed making, shopping needed doing (although my mother in law helped out with the shopping and cooking for a few weeks which took a load off). On top of that you have visitors, post arriving, appointments for the baby.

For us, it all just slotted in to place. And I’m thankful that we have four hands not just two. One of us will often take both of them downstairs in the morning so the other can get an extra half an hour in bed.

I’m more confident this time around. Babies are hard work, but I personally find newborns easier than preschoolers who are demanding in a whole different way. My love for Pinterest has expanded while I search out new crafts to do with Byron to keep him entertained for longer.

Let’s face it, we are only 6 weeks in, but I feel like we’ve balanced our life out beautifully and I’m so relieved that we’ve all adjusted to our new addition so well. There definitely won’t be any more, but having number two has filled a gap we hadn’t known we’d missed.



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