Escape to the country….

Well, technically an escape to another country. Mr and I enjoyed a long weekend in Edinburgh this weekend without BB. This is the longest we’ve ever been away without him. Our flight was ridiculously early on Thursday morning so BB stayed at my parents house on Wednesday night. So that meant we wouldn’t see BB […]

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Blink and you’ll miss it

It’s been a full month since I started back at work full time and I’m finally getting in to the swing of things. But, one of the things most working mum’s dread about going back to work is missing milestones.  They’re important. They show that our children are developing properly and it’s such an amazing […]

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Reasons to be cheerful

When you’re a mum, sometimes it’s the smaller things in life that make you smile. And it’s easy to get bogged down by the humdrummery of life. A constant cycle of laundry, changing nappies, a lack of self care, potential isolation, missing “normal” life. The list is endless. I knew my life was going to […]

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Mum Guilt Kicks In

I’m not sure if it’s exhaustion, hormones, guilt or a mix of all three but I stood in my parents house today crying a silent cry as BB screamed with snot streaming down his face. He’s ill. The change of routine, the full days at nursery, being lifted out of his cot while still asleep […]

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This is the week that was….

Hi all, Alex here!! This is the week that just seemed to encompass every single emotion that any human possesses. It was a roller coaster of emotions, ranging from being absolutely devastated to full on elation. It’s Friday night and I am absolutely exhausted. Mentally and physically drained. But what an incredible week it was. […]

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Sto lat sto lat…

This week marks 1 year since my little munchuk (moon-chook) arrived.  Happy birthday (sto lat) my beautiful boy.  I love you more than I even realised I could love anyone. So guys I’m back, apologies for my radio silence, it has been a busy week filled with party preps and family fun times.  Munchuk has […]

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Morning “Non Zombie” Make Up

No one warns you when you have a baby that baby = bags. Changing bags, nappy bags, bags of frozen breast milk, more shopping bags, but most importantly – eye bags! And when you’re on maternity leave, for most people, putting on make up becomes pretty low on the priority list. Once you’ve fed the […]

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Valentines Schmalentines

6 years down the line and Valentine’s Day has almost faded in to obscurity. Almost. Don’t get me wrong, if Mr forgot that it was Valentine’s Day, I may unleash my wrath upon him. Kindly, because I’m at work from today until Thursday, MIL has BB over night bowchickawowow….. or not. This is how the conversation […]

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Upping the ante

Alex here! Happy Thursday from a really gross, grizzly and FREEZING London. This week has been a lot tougher than last week. Did I maybe get caught out being a little smug about how easy last Friday was? I’ve been lucky enough that in the UK, any annual leave that we accrue while on maternity […]

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