Sto lat sto lat…

This week marks 1 year since my little munchuk (moon-chook) arrived.  Happy birthday (sto lat) my beautiful boy.  I love you more than I even realised I could love anyone. So guys I’m back, apologies for my radio silence, it has been a busy week filled with party preps and family fun times.  Munchuk has […]

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Morning “Non Zombie” Make Up

No one warns you when you have a baby that baby = bags. Changing bags, nappy bags, bags of frozen breast milk, more shopping bags, but most importantly – eye bags! And when you’re on maternity leave, for most people, putting on make up becomes pretty low on the priority list. Once you’ve fed the […]

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Valentines Schmalentines

6 years down the line and Valentine’s Day has almost faded in to obscurity. Almost. Don’t get me wrong, if Mr forgot that it was Valentine’s Day, I may unleash my wrath upon him. Kindly, because I’m at work from today until Thursday, MIL has BB over night bowchickawowow….. or not. This is how the conversation […]

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Upping the ante

Alex here! Happy Thursday from a really gross, grizzly and FREEZING London. This week has been a lot tougher than last week. Did I maybe get caught out being a little smug about how easy last Friday was? I’ve been lucky enough that in the UK, any annual leave that we accrue while on maternity […]

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And now the end is near…

Well hello there! Mum number 2 has arrived!  Well…what I mean to say is I’ve finally emerged from the deepest darkest realms of my laundry basket. How can such a small being generate so much waste (and that’s not just the clothes!)?   So…yep…I digress, I can’t avoid it any longer, those 3 small words…’back […]

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Work work work work work

That’s it. It’s done. 12 hours after leaving the house this morning and I’m sitting down with a green tea while the Mr puts BB to bed. As I look back, it’s been a good day, but the thoughts that filled my head last night as I sat on the sofa crying and begging Mr […]

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